"let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth"

1 John 3:18

Hello, I'm Haley B(ee)!

I'm so happy you're here!

I'm a Colorado girl with a love of all things lovely and cozy. Some of my favorite things include flowers, dogs, the outdoors, thrifting, and naps. My love languages are acts of service and quality time, and if you know anything about the enneagram I am a STRONG nine. Jesus is at the center of all that I do, and I try my hardest to let that translate into each and every interaction. My ultimate goal is is to make people feel at home when they are with me, so I hope I can do the same for you.

How I Got Here:

Sometimes it still feels so weird that I get to do photography as my real, actual job! This was never my dream job growing up, or anything I ever seriously considered, but it is something that has always intrigued me. Growing up, I always longed to take pictures of the things around me when my family would travel or whenever a creative idea would pop into my head. My sister in-law saw this desire in me when I would visit, and her and my brother were sweet enough to get me my first camera for Christmas my sophomore year of high school! I loved taking pictures whenever I got the chance, and I always saw it as a fun hobby that I could use to bless other people.

Fast forward to the fall of my sophomore year of college- Christmas was coming and my minimum wage job wasn't going to cut it for the gifts that I needed to get for my friends and fam. I had already been doing shoots for free the previous 3 years, so I decided to officially advertise my services for a cost! I booked 5 sessions for $75 each (which I was absolutely floored by) and travelled all over Colorado to take pictures for friends and strangers who had hired me. From that point forward, people continued to book me and I absolutely loved the rush I felt from giving people photos that they could cherish for years to come.

Since then, I have spent hours and hours refining my craft and trying to get better as I gain experience, invest in better equipment, work on my client experience, and learn to handle the million little things required of owning a small business. I have grown to fall in love with this business, and I truly cannot thank the people enough who have continued to invest in me by hiring me, referring me, or even following me on Instagram. It's such an inexpressible gift to be thriving this early in my journey of becoming a photographer, and I truly cannot wait to see what the future has in store.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for being here and considering me to handle your life's most precious moments!



Sarah + Dom

Haley is extremely talented! Not only do her pictures turn out beautifully, she is so kind, professional, and peaceful! An absolutely gem! Haley brings calm to what can be a chaotic day. She goes with the flow and is so easy-going. There’s no one else I would’ve rather had taking my wedding photos!

Cayla + Austin

In our session, Haley was wonderful in accommodating our needs and our desire for a beautiful and fun session in which we could really express our love for each other. Her style and expertise definitely exceeded any expectations we had going into the session, and her vision for the shoot really brought what we wanted to say to life perfectly. Not to mention she is incredibly flexible and easy-going, which really allowed us to be ourselves and didn’t put any pressure on us to do anything unnatural, and we got exactly what we asked for. She did, however, prompt us to try some things a little outside of our comfort zones that turned out to be so cute and unique. Needless to say, we are loving the photos and will absolutely be coming back for more photos in the future!

Leyna + Jonas

Haley is such a lovely person and an even better photographer! She was willing to work with my boyfriend and I to get the style and warmth that we wanted. She was even able to get perfect snaps of our puppy! Haley was super kind and gave lots of good tips and tricks that made the session fun and relaxed. Best photo session I've had!