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Capturing the Moments that Actually Matter



While I love getting to capture weddings and sessions that are beautiful aesthetically, the real beauty I hope is reflected in your final gallery is that of the fleeting moments you get with the people you love most. I believe each and every person is created in the image of God, and therefore each person reflects aspects of His character. When you look at the interactions of the people you love most in your photos, my greatest desire is that they would be captured in such a way that you see that goodness on display in visual form.

My Approach

My ultimate goal is to serve you rather than accomplish my own creative or personal goals during our time together. Your wedding day is an experience to be remembered, not a content opportunity or a giant photoshoot. You should spend as much time as possible engaging with the day itself rather than taking photos the whole time or being consumed with the details. My goal is to get beautiful photos of your genuine interactions, and make the unavoidable "posed" portions of the day go as smoothly and efficiently as possible, hopefully while also making them interactive and giving you prompts so even those moments can become fond memories.

I am not the type of photographer to interrupt a moment to "get the shot", and while I am happy to provide guidance or suggestions when you ask, I try to avoid interfering with organic moments as much as I can. I hope to be a fly on the wall for as much of your day as possible so that you can spend your fleeting time cherishing moments with the people you love most on a day you only get once in your lifetime. Overall, my intention is to serve you in such a way that adds peace and joy to your day, whether that directly involves photography or not.

"Haley is the BEST! I have had the honor of working alongside her on wedding days as a videographer, and I can confidently say she is a GEM in the photography world. While her portfolio is a clearly a testament to her skill and artistry, the true magic is in the care she has for her clients. Haley is kind, thoughtful, and has a servant's heart-qualities that are all reflected so well in her business. Needless to say, she is the first photographer I recommend to all of my clients!"

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Travel Dates

If you live in one of these places and want to take photos together, there will be NO travel fees and discounted session or wedding rates during the time I'm there! Reach out for the exact dates I'll be traveling.






/Washington D.C.


/Cancun, MX


/St. George. UT


/New York City

Don't see your location on here? No problem!

I LOVE to travel, so I offer significant discounts for destination weddings, elopements, or sessions (you may only have to pay for my travel and get my services for free ;) Reach out and let me know what you're looking for/where you're looking to do it, and we can get planning from there!



I've been taking photos for at least the past 7 years, but didn't start actually charging and making a business out of it until the end of 2020, and started doing weddings in 2021! I've loved every second of growing in my craft, and still pinch myself that I get to do this as my full time job!


I'll send you a link to access your digital gallery! The link will require you to enter your email and a pin that I'll give you, and from there you'll be free to download them as you please. You also have full release to print any photos that you want to, and I'm happy to recommend my favorite printing services :)

Can we choose our location or do you decide for us?

You can absolutely choose your location if you already have something in mind! If not, I'm happy to provide you with location recommendations based on what you're looking for.

Do you charge travel fees?

It depends! Within Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming, I do charge travel fees. For sessions, I charge $25/hour of travel outside of 1 hour roundtrip and for weddings, I charge $40/hour of travel outside of 4 hours of roundtrip plus lodging if necessary.

If you are looking to hire me domestically or internationally, I just charge the cost of my travel and lodging for travel fees. BUT, I offer significant discounts on any destination weddings that range from 25% off-free coverage depending on where you're getting married!


My turn around time depends on the type and size of your session. For an average shoot, I usually promise I will get your photos back in 2-3 weeks. For weddings, I have a 4-8 week delivery time depending on the package you choose. BUT, I will always provide you some sneak peaks ASAP to tide you over while you're waiting for your full gallery :)


In short: no. Raw photos have an extremely large file size, and are formatted in a way that provides a blank-canvas to edit and turn into the beautiful final product that we are looking for. If you aren't pleased with the look of a photo or even your whole gallery, reach out to me and I will try my best to ensure that you are happy with the work that you're receiving!

What should we wear?

Whatever you feel most comfortable in, and whatever represents your personality best! I will say that neutral colors and patterns tend to photograph best, and are sure to create a timeless feel in photos. If you're looking for more inspo for outfits, feel free to check out this pinterest board I made with some ideas for ya!


Absolutely! The last thing I want is for you to be stressed out about your wedding or session, and I would love to help you take as much off your shoulders as possible. If there's anything you're not sure about, even if it's not photography related, I would be more than happy to help you navigate what works best you and your loved ones.

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